Introspective Counselling assists clients in changing old self-defeating patterns of thinking and feeling.

About Phil

Phil Hetherington, RPC (Registered Professional Counsellor) is a member of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. He has over 12 years of experience in providing counselling and therapy to individuals, couples and groups. Phil is intuitive, compassionate, clear and direct. He has advanced training in Transactional Analysis.

Mission Statement

phil“I believe that each person has a God-given right to value, dignity and worth. Through childhood trauma and ruptures to intimacy, a person can lose the sense of this God-given right. The purpose of this organization is to help restore in the person this original sense of value, dignity and worth so that they can be happy, healthy, productive people in society.

By receiving sound, practical and effective therapy, I have been able to change my life, and for me it is a great privilege to help other people change theirs. I offer a non-judgmental, insightful approach to helping clients achieve the objectives they wish to fulfill. I will be happy to assist you in discovering the therapeutic process that is best suited to your situation.”

Phil Hetherington

Contact Phil

Introspective Counselling Services is located at the Evolvewell Integrative Medical Centre: Suite 101, 1711 – 4th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta.

For further information, send an e-mail to or phone (587) 774-9355.

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“Phil’s gentle approach to dealing with his clients is a surprising and refreshing change that I have rarely seen in the medical and/or psychology profession.”
“One of the many things I appreciate about Phil is his vast knowledge and understanding of how professionals treat people with disabilities and his refusal to follow the status quo. Phil treats his clients as individuals rather than textbook cases. This is what has enabled me to trust that he will always keep my best interest at heart. This is a privilege I have awarded few others, especially men.”
“The technique I enjoy using with Phil is what we call guided imagery. It blows me away that this technique can be used to take me to far-off places to temporarily take me away from my issues—a mental vacation if you will. We have also used this technique to deal with my family of origin issues.”
“I am physically disabled with Cerebral Palsy spastic Quadriplegia. This forces me to live life from a wheelchair. My experience with Phil has given me many tools that enable me to better deal with my disability and in turn, life.”
“Phil Hetherington is amazing.

I’m not one to give praise lightly. Yet, Phil has earned my lifelong gratitude. The transformation he has brought about in my life over the last 4 months is…well…I never imagined that lifelong struggles could be addressed and processed so effectively and so thoroughly.

I am a successful professional, a 39-year old engineer and business manager. I have been married for 11 years, and have three young children.

This summer, my wife became seriously ill and was in the hospital for three months. I struggled, suddenly solo, to carry the family through its day-to-day routine. In addition, I was trying to be there for my wife as much as I could – visiting her in the hospital daily, engaging in difficult discussions with the doctors, and climbing up a very steep learning curve. I struggled to try to understand how my wife’s long-term prognosis was going to change our lives…

It was just too much. The intensity of the crisis overwhelmed my ability to keep a lid on my own interior struggles – things that I had been alternately wrestling with, ignoring, trying to run away from, or desperately trying to fix for decades. Based on some fairly intense urging from a concerned friend, I decided to seek counseling. I received two independent recommendations from different friends at my church, and so I went to Phil Hetherington for help.

Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much. I had tried therapy once before and it had just been a pointless waste of time. As a leader of high-performance professional teams, I have fairly high expectations when it comes to effectiveness and ability to get the job done. If you aren’t capable of delivering at a very high level, then I can rapidly lose patience. Furthermore, I am fairly effective at helping people overcome shortcomings and reach optimal performance. Yet, despite decades of concerted effort at addressing my own shortcomings and struggles, nothing substantial was changing. In my mind, it was an intractable problem – something I just had to accept and move on with.

However, this September I just didn’t have enough left in me to keep carrying all of this.

…So maybe if I just went to this Phil fellow and he listened a bit and gave me a bit of advice, maybe that would take enough of the internal pressure and stress off that I could then continue to push through my current crisis.

Man, was I wrong…I seriously underestimated Phil’s abilities.

Rather than just assisting in bleeding off some of the over-accumulated stress, Phil had me embark on a journey of very specific and well-structured assessment. He then began a re-decision process with me. While there is still more work to be done, what I have experienced to date cannot be labeled as mere “progress”. Honestly, it has truly been a transformation.

Early on, Phil described that our therapy objective was to have me undergo a “shift” that would then change my life. Nice words, nice theory. Every self-help book and internet advice peddler says something similar. How did I know that Phil was going to make it actually work?? I really needed help. So I decided to engage, and let him do his stuff.

Phil very thoroughly explained the process he was going to use. He supplemented this with detailed explanations of the various aspects of applicable psychological theory, and when I pressed him for technical details, he provided those in a very solid and confident manner. I went in expecting a clinically-courteous semi-interest and a performance dominated by fluff, stage smoke and vague arm-waving. Instead, I was met with an intense and genuine heart; someone who really cared; and whose approach was backed by a cohesive, technically-solid approach.

I’ve been doing twice-weekly sessions with Phil for almost 4 months. A lot of the work has been very intense, often challenging and sometimes very draining. But it has worked – there is no arguing about the very significant results. So now, not only is my over-accumulated stress being addressed, but so are my underlying issues.

Phil is literally helping me transform into a new, more balanced, more whole person.

For this I am so grateful………I can’t even articulate it…….sorry, but there are just no words that can do this justice.

God bless you Phil. You are in my prayers.”